"We will show grace to the needy and Amazing Grace to the receptive.”
"We want to see changed lives change the community."

REFUGE - A safe place for school age kids to find help, hope and love through targeted programs and mentorships.

READINESS - Educational programs for children and adults

RECOVERY - Helping people escape all forms of abuse from substance, sexual, physical and mental.

RESTORE - Developing community through a village ministry including clothes and basic needs as well as a sense of pride and sustenance to our neighborhoods.

RELEVANCE - Bringing the Hope of Christ through the Church and through Bible Studies that help answer the questions people are asking.

RECREATION - Programs in athletics – sports, cross fit, weight lifting, martial arts. 

REVV - Programs of volume that will give opportunity to the artists. The school of FAME - fine arts, music, entertainment

RUN - Job readiness. An incubator for business start ups and work initiatives.