We READ it as if it is more than words.

We PRAY it as if it is more than communication.

We LIVE it as if it is more than life. 


We will strive for greatness by having people over us, with us, & under us.

We will honor those over us, with us, & under us equally.   


We embrace that we have been Set Apart in order to not be in a state of being apart from company & observation.

Just as a doctor has to know what they are dealing with to treat it, we will not be afraid to thoroughly examine the virus called Culture.

We will relentlessly seek God to ensure that what we display & how it's delivered gives man no glory.


We will be offensive & defensive.

We will attack & protect.

We will represent His balance.

We respond to the call to be people that will run to help those in need before we run to help ourselves.

We will adhere to all the practical "principles" of the word. We will remain on the edge of momentum in innovation with our "methods".

We will go above & beyond to give sacrificially for the work of God.


Not because we're supposed to but because we want to.